Say Hello and Submit!

Hello lovelies…

Hope you love my little blog and enjoying sharing my journey…

As I also love all wedding fabulousness – I try and feature as many beautiful wedding things I come across…whether its beautiful photography, jewellery, stationery etc…or just plain gorgeousness…

If you want to feature on my little blog then please send me an email on and tell me all about it or even just to say Hello…!

If you are interested in Vintage Tea China Hire for your wedding or event then get in touch as even though the website is not fully set up – I would love to be able to quote you for your event!

Look forward to hearing from you!

Lots of Love Vintage Tea Love…xoxo


3 Responses to Say Hello and Submit!

  1. I love love LOVE all these dresses, all are stunning and very romantic but the last one has won my heart……all I need now is a proposal..!! x

  2. Giulia Pariinelli says:

    Where can I get that last dress with the girl on the staircase?????

  3. Heather says:

    Hello Love – i would love to submit some ideas, pics and tea-cups! I have lots of those and tea pots too ! Ill send you an email xx

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