Vintage Hen House by Tattyjobangles


How are you today? I can’t believe its Monday already – the weekend goes far too quick! Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

I am doing a special post today for the launch of Tattyjobangles Vintage Hen House website TODAY ~ a special website for vintage styled hen parties – this is certainly a Love Vintage Tea Favourite especially since Love Vintage Tea is going to be a part of it too! 🙂

Here in Abbie’s own words – how she came up with this fantastic idea…

On Monday 21st March I will be launching a new website that caters purely for vintage styled hen parties. Forget the pink fluffy ‘L’ plates, we want to offer brides to be and their closest friends something a bit different.  Traditionalists would call it a supplier directory but that’s far too dull, so I call it ‘the Vintage Hen House’. 

This idea came about after I planned my own vintage themed hen party (yes I planned my own hen party, control freak much) as I really didn’t want to do any of the traditional hen type things. To be honest I wasn’t really looking forward to my hen party, as the idea of L-Plates, pink feather boas and flashing hair bands filled me with dread.

So I came up the with the idea of having a vintage themed hen shoot. I planned each component from hair and make-up, the photographer, the clothes and locations. There are hen packages out there but you just end up with something you pick off a menu rather than something that suits your taste and personality. Now finding each individual supplier was time consuming; trying to find the right people in the right areas and for the right price. I had the advantage of knowing a few suppliers beforehand but if you were starting from scratch you would have spend hours searching the web to get the same result.

The response I had to my hen shoot was amazing and it got featured on the Whimsical Wonderland Weddings blog where the feedback from people was awesome. I have been asked many times about how I planned my hen party from people wanting to do their own, so at the Hen House was born.

Tattybojangles’ Vintage Hen House is about creating a little vintage haven for hen party planners (and suppliers) where they could find a whole range of great vintage suppliers so they can create their own bespoke, unforgettable, amazing, sassy and totally individual experience.

We have hair and make-up artists, photographers, entertainers, stylists, stationers, clothing and accessories, cakes suppliers and many more on the site covering a range of places all over the country. Unlike a lot of similar sites I don’t charge for listings, so you will find a great range of local, independent suppliers that will suit the most lavish or modest of budgets.

I don’t offer a planning service but I will be happy to help anyone with hints or tips to help create a bride to be’s perfect hen party.

Love Vintage Tea ~ The Vintage Hen House is such a fabulous idea so if you ever need any suppliers to create your own vintage hen party then check out Tattyjobangles Vintage Hen House here – its such a fabulous source of information!

Photos are all courtesy of Lee Allen Photography – thanks so much for letting me display your fab work!

Obviously, if you need vintage china hire for the West Yorkshire area for your own Vintage Hen Party then please do get in touch with Love Vintage Tea – email:

Lots of Love Vintage Tea Love xoxo

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1950’s Rockabilly Vintage Wedding…the story of a bride to be’s planning so far…Part 1!

Hello all,

How are you on this Sunday?

After a lovely pamper evening on my own (and little bump!), I feel rather refreshed so thought I would do a little Sunday Delight today as not done for a couple of weeks…oops…:)

So today, I have the gorgeous Emma who I have met through Twitter…she has so kindly decided to share her wedding plans so far of her 1950’s Rockabilly Vintage wedding….

Here is her plans in her own words…Enjoy! 🙂

Story of my wedding planning so far!

On christmas day morning I became a very lucky lady. My best friend and partner got down on one knee, (in his dressing gown!) and asked me to be his wife. To say I was smiling lots on Xmas day is an understatement. 

I was so super excited and because I had some time off over Christmas, I was able to start planning straight away! We set a date on boxing day and I set about making wedding plans.

Now our wedding is on the 12th May 2012. Whenever I speak to anyone they tell me that we’ve got everything sorted so quickly! I don’t think we have! Our venues are booked and I have my dress (will explain more in a bit!) but thats it!

We’re on quite a tight budget, so our aim is to do a lot of it ourselves. It’s going to be a DIY wedding!

When we first started planning, the one thing I knew for certain, was that I wanted a 1950’s/rockabilly twist to the wedding. I love everything vintage, 50’s, pin-up and rockabilly and I’m lucky enough, that although James doesn’t embrace the fashion as I try to, his happy to have that as a theme at our wedding.

I must admit, when I first started searching the internet for Rockabilly weddings I was overcome by how many weddings blogs there are and the amount of amazing weddings out there that have that twist I was looking for. Now as the months have passed I have to confess that yes, I still aim to have a 50’s/rockabilly wedding but my love for the 1920’s and anything vintage ( and when I say vintage I mean older than 50’s, I understand vintage can mean different things to different people!) has greatly grown and I now want to try and mix it up a bit!

We’ve been watching Broadwalk Empire and I’m so in love with the costumes. I’ve been making notes! 🙂

So down to the dress! I went wedding dress shopping quite soon after getting engaged to be honest. Mainly through pure excitement and I wanted to see what these 50’s swing dresses looked like on! So we took a trip down to Vivien of Holloway. I had seen a dress online that I very much liked the look of and thought that was the one for me. When I tried the dress on, it looked lovely, just how I imagined. However, it didn’t blow me away. I didn’t stand there thinking “OMG, I’ve got to buy this dress, now.”

This was the dress that I thought I originally wanted:

And these were the bridesmaid dresses, I thought I would originally go for:

I left the shop feeling a little deflated to be honest. I had convinced myself that this was the dress I wanted so why wasn’t I blown away by it!?

Me and one of my bridesmaid caught the tube to Camden and spent hours trawling round the vintage shops. I tried a few dresses and they felt more right than the swing dress but still nothing that was blowing me away. However, it did convince me that I wanted to try and find something original if I could. Just as we said we were ready to call it a day, we saw one more vintage shop. I picked up a dress which initially my bridesmaid really wasn’t too impressed with.

Its a 1950’s, handmade, lace wedding dress with a tiny little puddle train. It fitted perfectly. I honestly can’t put into words how well this dress fits me! When I walked out of the changing room and my bridesmaid saw me for the first time, we were both pretty speechless. It was decided there and then that there was no way we could leave the shop without buying this dress! So thats the story of my dress. What makes it even more special is that it only cost £40! There is nothing that needs doing to this dress and I mean nothing. It doesn’t need taking in, it doesn’t need anything adding to it. Its perfect, just the way it is. My dress is a secret though so you will have to wait to the day to see it!

These are the bridesmaid dresses that we have gone for which are from Dolly Dagger and they are going to be in red and white…

Love Vintage Tea ~ These are oh so cute…

Come back next Sunday for Part 2 of Emma’s wonderful plans for her 1950’s Rockabilly Wedding…. 🙂

Lots of Love Vintage Tea Love xoxo

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Beautiful Vintage Wedding Dresses under £100 by Hummingbird Vintage Bridal

Hello all,

How are you? So sorry for this late post, I have been meaning to post for the last couple of days but I have been so busy with day job stuff and having to work late to complete projects, blogging on Love Vintage Tea has had to take abit of a back seat…so whilst I have a quick minute… thought I would treat you all to this new Love Vintage Tea Favourite that I have lined up for you….

For the ladies who want vintage wedding dresses for their vintage inspired wedding but are unable to afford…fear no more as Hummingbird Vintage Bridal offer oh so gorgeous Wedding Dresses for under £100…yes you read it right…under £100!!!!!

Here is a little blurb from Lucy from Hummingbird Vintage Bridal:

Hummingbird Bridal is a collection of gorgeous vintage wedding dresses all under £100.

I love vintage wedding dresses but I have found so many of them to be way out of mine (and I imagine other brides) price range so I wanted to create a collection of vintage wedding dresses that would be affordable to everyone.

We offer a Hummingbird Bridal Package which includes a visit from us with dresses in tow, styling session (as we all look better with nice hair and make-up and it gives people a chance to see what the full look would look like), and cupcakes and fizz. Once you have picked a dress we will help you find the right accessories to go with it.

If you like the idea of affordable vintage but we don’t have anything in-stock then let us know and we will scour the streets to find it for you. We have great alteration people so if something isn’t quite right we can sort that for you too…!!

How beautiful are the dresses from Hummingbird Vintage?? They make me swoon and these dresses can be attained for under £100…

Here is a few more of their delightful selection…and if you need any more info then head over to Hummingbird Vintage for more details!!

Lots of Love Vintage Tea Love xoxo

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Everything changes in 2011….

Hello lovelies,

Hope you are all well – regulars readers and followers of my tweets will know that its been a manic few weeks for me and I have not blogged or tweeted as much as I used to as I have been busy with day job stuff and trying to set up Love Vintage Tea…

If you remember, I did a New Years post and I said that there was some fab things going to happen in 2011… well….I wanted to share with you my MAHOOSIVE news…….that I am expecting a little baby in August…eek…I am 18 weeks gone now…its been so hard to keep it a secret and not talk about it! 🙂 This is also a reason why I have not tweeted much or blogged as much as I have been busy preparing for the baby’s arrival with decorating etc – we have been also been out spending time with family and friends who all wanted to celebrate our wonderful news with us… 🙂

This is life changing and 2011 is now the year for change for our little family…but everything changes for a good reason though so I am still pursuing Love Vintage Tea as I want to be able to work for myself and our new family…so please bear with me as I continue to set up Love Vintage Tea….I might not be able to afford the fancy website just yet…but I am building a gorgeous selection of crockery for all your event needs…if you need a quote – please do get in touch – and I will see how I can help you!!!

Thank you to you all for your support for my little blog and my little business…it means a lot!

Lots of Love Vintage Tea Love xoxo

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Vintage Bridal Shoot by Sarah Janes Photography


Hope you are all well! I am feeling quite happy as the sun is shining which makes me smile! 🙂

My last post featuring Sarah from Tiny Gems got so many views that it broke my Love Vintage Tea viewing stats record which is fabulous and made me a happy lady! 🙂

Everyone seemed to really enjoy the photos especially the ones from Sarah Janes Photography shoot so I have a little treat for you…as a part 2, I have photos from the Vintage Bridal Shoot that Sarah Janes Photography organised which also featured Sarah from Tiny Gems’ Heirloom Bouquets that Sarah Janes Photography has kindly allowed me to feature and they are oh so beautiful! 🙂

Here is a little background in her own words on how Sarah from Sarah Janes Photography came up with the idea of her Vintage Bridal Shoot…

One of the many loves in my life….apart from my family….is anything vintage…and I especially love the 1940s-1950’s look!


I wish we all still dressed like that…top hats and pocket watches *sigh*…films such as “some like it hot” and the godfather {i know it was made in the 70’s…but look at those clothes!!} have been a great influence.

I also love art and fashion. And so with my love for natural photography I am somehow picking my way through a fusion of art with natural photography…I know!!! You could not get much further apart on the style spectrum…but I hope I am getting there!

I love the details in art…the way a lady holds her hands, the lighting, a story….but there is this universal love that we all seem to have of capturing a moment, we all love how we look when captured naturally…but great posing is essential to make you look your very best.

So with the help of Mandy… a fantastic Makeup artist {and every brides dream!!} A beautiful model, my wonderful assistant Anna, Of course Sarah from tiny gems with her stunning heritage bouquet and the stunning backdrop of Llyndir hall near Chester….oh and my wedding dress…I wanted to play with light, create these natural looking images..but with posing strong enough to give a statement.

These are the kind of images I wish to give my brides. Their own piece of art ♥

Love Vintage Tea adores these pictures and I am sure you will agree with me that they are pieces of art….here is the rest of Sarah Janes Photography….Enjoy! 🙂

Lots of Love Vintage Tea Love xoxo

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Vintage Accessories & Heirloom Bouquets by Tiny Gems

Hello my dears…

How are you all on this Sunday? I am hoping Spring is going to be around the corner soon as I am getting abit fed up with all this cold weather…want to wear my pretty dresses and little ballerina shoes rather than lots of layers and winter boots! 🙂

Anyway enough about me, I have not done a Love Vintage Sunday Delight for a while…and I have a lovely feature on a lovely lady called Sarah from Tiny Gems. She has kindly offered to write me a little blog post on Tiny Gems and what she does on a day to day basis and some gorgeous photos of her beautiful vintage accessories and her new heirloom bouquets!

Here is Sarah in her own words:

My name is Sarah Marks and I started Tiny-Gems when I was made redundant. I had the its now or never moment that I’m sure we all have at some time in our lives. I went with the its now option and I’m so glad I did. I love what I do and I get to meet so many amazingly talented and like minded people. 

I hand make jewellery, tiaras and have recently added the extremely popular Heirloom Bouquets to this, I could never have dreamed that they would be so well received and I get such lovely comments and feedback about them.

Love Vintage Tea ~ how beautiful is this vintage heirloom bouquet?

The highlight of my year so far is being contacted by Sarah Janes Photography from asking to use one of my heirloom bouquets in a photo shoot! I was literally blown away and to say I felt like a rock star for the day who knows how the bouquet felt with all that attention!

I have always been inspired by vintage looks as anyone who has seen my welsh dresser full of vintage sups and saucers just like my Grandmas was. It makes me enjoy my work even more being able to use vintage pieces to create jewellery. My style icon is the ever classic and utterly gorgeous Audrey Hepburn, and my Grandma who was a very classy and strong lady with an amazing sense of style.


My favourite era does tend to vary however I have always had a soft spot for art deco with its clean lines and elegance. Although it would have been fabulous living in those times with the fabulous clothes etc I can’t imagine how it would have been without the internet and mobile phones and all the technology we take for granted now.

A normal day at Tiny-Gems starts with me logging on and my laptop stays on all day generally until past midnight. I love tweeting as anyone who follows me will know its like having my own source of office gossip at my finger tips it really is brilliant and I am really proud that Tiny-Gems is number one on the top 100 UK wedding tweeters list, an achievement that was my proudest moment last year.

What I love best about Tiny-Gems is that every day is so very different and I can’t wait to see what the rest of 2011 has in store if January is anything to go by its going to be a very exciting year.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know Sarah from Tiny Gems and if you want to see more of her beautiful work then head over to website here.

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!

Lots of Love Vintage Tea Love xoxo

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Oh, will you be my sweet Valentine…?

Hello lovelies,

How are you all? So sorry for the lack of posts recently but as you have gathered from my recent tweets….not been too well but I am back now and fighting fit! 🙂

Anyway…back to today…just wanted to say Happy Valentines to you all!

As you know, today is traditionally a day for you to show your love to your loved one by sending cards, flowers, chocolates and other gifts! However, my husband and I believe that you don’t actually need just the one day to show your love as you should be showing love to each other every single day! 🙂

Today’s post, I am going to show you some of the lovely gifts that you can get for your other half but these are also gifts that will last all year round…so you can feel the love everytime you see them – its always a Love Vintage Tea Favourite!

These gorgeous Vintage Style Love Blocks from Vintage Amethyst…these are so pretty and can be placed anywhere in your home and reminds you both of the love that you share..

Also this gorgeous White Love Garland from Vintage Amethyst – is oh so pretty!

All you need is love especially when you have this beautiful wooden sign from Box Brownie Trading from NotOnTheHighStreet…I am still working on my husband for this for our house… hehe 🙂

You can never have too many hanging hearts around the house including these gorgeous wired love hearts from Live Laugh Love – perfect for hanging in a window, on a door knob or just on a row of hooks…beautiful!

Or these pretty padded lavender hearts also from Live Laugh Love – oh so cute! 🙂

If you are after a little sweet treat – see these gorgeous Aphrodisiac Cupcakes from Genii Cupcakes.

Here is a little bit from their press release:

Hampshire baking temptress, Genii Cupcakes has created a range of exclusive aphrodisiac cupcake to help lovers rise to the occasion this Valentine’s Day.

Genii Cupcakes has created three cupcake flavours for the romantic season:

After Dark Truffle Cupcake – sophisticated dark chocolate cake with baked raspberries, mild honey topped with bittersweet chocolate and honey buttercream. Ancient Aztec emperor Monteczuma drank 50 gold goblets of dark chocolate a day to enhance his sexual power, but you can eat just one rich satisfying chocolate cake with a raspberry and chocolate truffle centre and the hint of honey will help “sweeten” your evening.

Stimulating Fruit Cupcake – fresh strawberry and fragrant basil cake topped with balsamic frosting.  Described in erotic literature as fruit nipples, strawberries are packed full of vitamin C combined with the aroma of sweet basil which is said to stimulate sex drive and boost fertility.

Hearts Desire Cupcake – dark chocolate and a hint of red wine topped with cream cheese frosting.  Referred to as the ‘nourishment of the gods’ by the Aztecs and rumoured that the famous lover Casanova is said to have consumed chocolate before his conquests, chocolate is the perfect partner with red wine to stimulate the senses, increase stamina and start the dance of love.

 “Foods are so much more than fuel and I wanted to create a range of cupcakes to pleasure not only the taste buds,  but also contain a little something extra to help couples everywhere celebrate Valentine’s Day.” – said Laura Payne, chief baking temptress at Genii Cupcakes.

Cupcakes are available in boxes of 6 and 12 at £2.50 per cupcake and can be delivered directly to your someone special as a surprise Valentine’s Treat.

I also have a fab Valentine’s Day Competition from Bridal Design Jewellery 

Here is a little more information about the competition:

Bridal Designs will be teaming up with 9 wedding photographers throughout the country to enable one lucky bride who books their wedding photography with them to win £100 worth of Bridal Designs Wedding Jewellery! Don’t worry if you have already purchased your jewellery from us…if you win you will receive a refund to the value of the prize! ( For full terms and conditions see the bottom of this post.)

We have an amazing selection of the best photographers available to give you the special memories of your big day that you will treasure for forever. They are based throughout the country but most of them travel to different areas (even internationally) so there will be one to cater for your photographic needs wherever you are getting married.

The competition will be launched on the 14th February 2011 and end on the 14th July 2011, all brides booking photography with the participating photographers between these dates will have the option to be entered into the competition free of charge whenever their actual wedding is taking place.

Participating Photographers are:- Sean and Chris , South Tyneside  (Covers North East area) Adele,Yorkshire  (Covers Yorkshire and Nationwide) Katie , Newcastle  (Covers North of England and Scottish Borders) Nikki , North Kent (Covers Kent and neighbouring counties, London) Matt, North Devon (Covers North Devon, South West) Greg, Dorset (Covers Dorset and Nationwide) Michael, West Devon (Covers Devon, Midlands and Nationwide) Eliza, London (Covers London and Nationwide Carolyn, Warwickshire (covers Warwickshire and Nationwide)

To see more of the competition and the terms and conditions – please click here! Good Luck!

Anyway enough of me spreading the love – hope you all have a wonderful day and enjoy spending this day with your loved ones! 🙂

Lots of Love Vintage Tea Love xoxo

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Beautiful, Stunning Dresses by The Vintage Wedding Dress Company


How is everyone on this Sunday?

There seems to be a certain chill in the air today…hope the cold weather stays away…brr…

For Love Vintage Tea Sunday Delight today…I have a gorgeous feature on an amazing wedding supplier called The Vintage Wedding Dress Company who was set up by the lovely Charlie Brear. This is a little bit about the company:

Renowned Stylist Charlie Brear has brought together her years of experience in fashion to create The Vintage Wedding Dress Company, showcasing to her customers a unique and enviable collection of wedding dresses and accessories. In an established career that spans the industry, styling innumerable models, celebrities and bands for music videos, magazine editorial, print and commercial campaigns, she has worked alongside leading fashion designers, styling and producing accessories for Matthew Williamson and selling under her own name at Matches. Charlie continues to privately advise many of her high profile clients.

In its central London showroom The Vintage Wedding Dress Company was created for brides who would love to wear something completely original but don’t have the time, the energy or the faintest idea where to start. As principal buyer for the company, Charlie sources dresses from London, Paris and across the world; her talent for discovering exquisite pieces is second to none. “I wanted to take the trepidation and hard work out of finding a unique dress to get married in,” says Charlie. “It is so hard when searching for a vintage dress to know whether you can restore something to its former glory. I buy individual pieces that I love and as a company we provide a service that does just that.” We hold a rare and diverse selection of gorgeous gowns and accessories from the Victorian era right through to the early 1970s, which are all beautifully cleaned and restored and can be tailored for you to a couture finish.

To complement the original vintage pieces the company has recently launched its Decades Collection. Comprising six new vintage-inspired dresses, one from each era from the 1920s through to the 1970s. With an unrivalled knowledge of vintage dresses Charlie has created a beautiful capsule collection of gowns each elegantly designed using the details and accents of decades gone by.

Love Vintage Tea ~ Stunning 1920’s vintage dress…. I heart so much!

For the bride who wants to wear something original for their special day, The Vintage Wedding Dress Company is a place to consider as there is some stunning dresses.  This rare and diverse selection of gorgeous gowns and accessories ranges from the Victorian era right through to the early 1970s. Exquisite pieces are sourced and discovered all over the world and brought together for you to view at their private central London showroom where they hold up to 40 dresses at any one time.

Love Vintage Tea ~ Silk Chic 1930’s – Stunning!

Love Vintage Tea ~ Gorgeous 1940’s chiffon vintage dress…

Love Vintage Tea Love ~ Add your 1970’s touch to your wedding with these beautiful dresses….

The following dresses have an Edwardian influence to them and they are oh so beautiful which makes them a Love Vintage Tea favourite

How gorgeous are these dresses? Go over to The Vintage Wedding Dress Company to swoon over their gorgeous collections from their original vintage collection to decadence silk and lace…..definitely very decadent!

Let me know which is your favourite era….!! 🙂

Lots of Love Vintage Tea Love xoxo

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Rustic Vintage Wedding with beautiful shoes….by Tino & Pip Photography


How is everyone on this Monday? It is meant to be the gloomiest day but after a fabulous weekend of relaxing and spending time with family and friends – I can not help but be happy today!!!  🙂 After my last post here on the beautiful vintage inspired shoes by Harriet Wilde – I got sent this beautiful wedding by Penny from Tino & Pip Photography which ties in nicely with the shoe theme….especially since the brides shoes were by Harriet Wilde too – what a lovely coincidence! 🙂

How gorgeous are these shoes? 🙂

Such gorgeous detail on the shoes…

Here is Penny’s from Tino and Pip Photography’s account of the wedding day – this can also be viewed over at their blog too.

The lovely Laura & Chris were married in November this year, shortly before the all that snowfall. The girls’ morning preparations took place at Laura’s beautiful family home in the country. The house was filled with family photos and memorabilia, fabulous for photo backdrops! Paula made the most fabulous job of styling the girls’ hair, effortlessly swept into place and adorned with pretty gems! Their make-up complimented perfectly Laura’s winter berry theme, applied by the lovely Fiona. We soon came across the dress by Alan Hannah, delicately beaded around the neckline for a stunning vintage feel. “I didn’t want a strapless dress, and I loved the sparkles on the straps and the vintage looking jewels on the front of the dress. I feel in love with it as soon as I put it on.”

The wedding just had so many details which were beautifully captured by Penny and Martin…here are some of my favourites:

The flowers are beautiful and a gorgeous combination of creams and pinks with the winter berries and greenery to add the rustic twist to them!

Look at the happy bride arriving….

and leaving as a married lady….with her new husband in tow! 🙂

Penny sent me sooo many pretty images from this wedding, it was really hard to pick from them all and I don’t want you to not be able to view them all so decided to upload them all for you to peruse at your leisure….enjoy every last detail (as its taken ages to upload them all! Hehe!)

Lots of Love Vintage Tea Love xoxo

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Shoes, Beautiful Shoes ~ Vintage Shoes by Harriet Wilde


Sorry I have been quiet over the blogging front this weekend…been busy spending time with my husband…we recently celebrated our 6 month anniversary already…its mad how quickly time flies when you are having fun! 🙂

So I missed my weekly Sunday Delight…oops…however, I have this gorgeous post which I hope makes up for it..its beautiful shoes….what girl can say no to beautiful shoes? If you are like me, I have shoes for all occasions so when I saw these beautiful shoes by Harriet Wilde – I just had to share……(apologies in advance for the large pictures but didn’t want to resize them too much as it loses the detail of the shoes!!!)….

How gorgeous are these shoes?

A little background on Harriet Wilde…

Harriet Wilde is a British independent footwear label, established in 2008.

When Harriet was looking for shoes for her own wedding she found the task of buying shoes from “the wedding world” quite daunting – and even depressing. Having always bought designer or unique and mainly vintage finds she was suddenly faced with the idea that she would have to compromise her style. Why can’t wedding shoes be beautiful and stylish? Harriet thinks they should be so she set about establishing a luxury contemporary brand of shoes, with a vintage feel that would not make any compromise on style.

The philosophy: Unique vintage inspired footwear, stylishly designed in London, made to the highest quality by shoemakers in Europe, backlash to mass production and the image that weddings have to be fluffy and not stylish with a contemporary edge

Harriet Wilde also launches new collection at The Harrods Shoe Boudoir

December 2010 saw the launch of an Exclusive Collection of Bridal Footwear and luxury slippers for Harrods.

Proudly selected as the first ever Bridal Shoe brand to feature in The Harrods Shoe Boudoir, Harriet Wilde has created a beautiful range of Shoes and exclusive luxury Slippers, all made to order with a Bespoke service. This breathtaking selection comprises of 5 silk satin shoes on a range of heel heights and 2 slipper styles.

The Bespoke Service offers clients:

A selection of exclusive decorative shoe clips using the finest Swarovski jewellery and hand crafted flowers in silk, tulle and leather.

Custom Swarovski’s service of the heel and platform to any required shade.

Dyed to order service, the satin shoes can be colour matched to any gown.

The exclusive Slippers can be ordered in a selection of colours of satins and velvets. 

The shoes and slippers are skilfully hand finished in 10 weeks and can be delivered in a personalized shoe bag. 

Discover Harriet Wilde for Harrods at the 2nd Floor Shoe Boudoir.


How gorgeous are these shoes? Head over to Harriet Wilde to see their wonderful collection of shoes….its definitely a Love Vintage Tea Favourite.

Lots of Love Vintage Tea Love. xoxo

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