Create the perfect vintage atmosphere with The Vintage Singer!


How are you? Hope this post finds you well! 🙂

I know its been a little while since I last posted but I have been a little busy bee going out to little vintage and charity shops for some gorgeous little finds to add to my collection for Love Vintage Tea…I am building my collection up slowly and cup by cup in the last week or so! 🙂

Anyway back to today’s post – to continue the vintage or vintage inspired theme for your wedding, vintage tea party or just special event ~ what about creating a vintage atmosphere  with The Vintage Singer, Madeleine Cooke?

This all live vintage entertainment is the perfect way to enhance the mood with the style and glamour of yesteryear. They are able to tailor to suit your occasion  and nothing compares to the charm and sophistication of a talented pianist matched with elegant vocals.

From gentle background music to foot tapping swing, this genuine vintage performance has broad appeal in its timeless nature.

Madeleine is vintage obsessed and in love with the music and fashion of 1920’s 30’, 40’s and 50’s.

When she got married last summer, and was looking for entertainment for her own wedding, she noticed there was a gap in the market for the sort of music she loves.

Also, it was so hard to find a singer with live accompaniment rather than karaoke style backing tracks that can often be poor quality. In response to this need, Madeleine and Nicholas who is the pianist began their new business ‘The Vintage Singer’ in May 2011.

Madeleine trained as an actress and singer at the Academy of Live and Recorded Art in London, graduating in 2008. Since leaving drama school she has performed extensively around the country in  musical productions and theatre shows including ‘La Boheme’ in London and a tour of various musical versions of Charles Dickens’ stories whilst Nicholas also trained at the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts where he and Madeleine met. He works as both an actor and musician and has performed in theatres throughout the country.

The Vintage Singer will certainly add a touch of vintage to your wedding entertainment ~ they are certainly a Love Vintage Tea Favourite so to get in touch with Madeleine and Nicholas then head over to their website here to see how you can add that little bit of timeless elegance to your own event and if you are needing to hire china then don’t forget to get in touch with me at Love Vintage Tea!!

Thanks for reading and hope you have the most fabulous day!

Lots of Love Vintage Tea Love xoxo

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