Balancing everything…

Hello lovelies…

Happy New Year – hope 2012 brings lots of love and happiness and all your dreams come true! šŸ™‚ Hope you had a fabulous time celebrating the new year!

Well, I was quite sad to see the end of 2011 as it has been a pretty amazing year as I gave birth to my gorgeous little girl {who is growing up so quickly!}….and being a mother – it has really made me appreciate my time with her so as I have previously mentioned in another post – I really want to get Love Vintage Tea set up so I can eventually work for myself…!

As I try to blog/tweet when I can…I can honestly say that being a mummy is a full time job so I really admire all those working mothers out there with their own businesses who are able to work and look after their children!

It’s a catch 22 as I obviously need to tweet/blog to get my little business noticed in this very big wedding world but then I don’t feel I can devote all my time to LVT without it being at the expense of my little baby girl…! Eek…can you now see my dilemma? I really am trying to balance everything of setting up LVT as well as looking after my little family…not sure how I will manage it all when I have to go back to my full time job…eek…!

So to all the fabulous working mummy’s out there ~ what made you take the leap to go out on your own? How do you balance everything?

Also this is to everyone who is working a full time job as well as trying to set up a business on the side? How do you balance everything?

Let me know your thoughts & advice.

Lots of Love Vintage Tea Love xx

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11 Responses to Balancing everything…

  1. I have all the same worries… and would love it if you’d share any advice you get in another post!!!
    I’m currently on Maternity leave from a part-time {ish} job, started setting up my photography business last year and then started the Our Little Love blog in December before Esme was born. I worked every hour I could last year setting up both the photography blog/business {which has taken a back seat for some time now… big eek!} and baby blog, both have a long way to go {hopefully}, but have already cost me so much time with family and friends. I naively assumed I’d find a little time to blog and tweet etc once Esme arrived as my husband is super supportive & a very hands-on dad, but I feel so guilty spending any time away from Esme, especially as she’s still so very young and I’m still recovering from a difficult birth. There is still that nagging voice in the back of my head though insisting I should be trying to do some work… I can’t quiet it down because like you the choice to become self employed ultimately will benefit our family life. I know I can’t go back to working the ungodly hrs I was before Esme was born, but I do hope to find a way to balance family & work life, as well as finding some time for me. I’ll be sure to share any tips or tricks I discover. I wish you all the best of luck and every success with LVT. If you ever need a chat I’m not far away. I’ve found it helps just to know you’re not alone in this fight!

    • Hi Chrissy,
      Thanks so much for your comment & thanks so much for reading – yes I will share any advice once I get it! I am so glad that I am not the only one going through this….It’s definitely finding the right balance between family life and work! In my day job, I worked a lot too but not sure I can work as many hours when I go back as I just don’t want to miss out on time with baby LVT…like you, my hubby is very hands on too but he also has full time job so I obviously look after her the most & she is now at the age {she is 21 weeks now!} where she demands a lot of my attention as I have to keep her entertained now…..I also have that nagging feeling that I need to blog/tweet! Thanks so much for the luck and support & will definitely be there for you too if you need a chat!! xx

  2. All I know is that balancing my blog with studying part-time in the evenings and a full-time job is very very difficult! Basically a lot of late nights and early mornings šŸ™‚ With a baby on the way I knew something had to give, and for me it was the blog. I love it but the baby comes first. I think the most important thing is to find balance and prioritise, and be prepared to accept some days/weeks you just can’t do it all. Organisation really helps too. Perhaps try and organise some sort of timetable to help you fit things in. Not precise (impossible with a baby) but e.g. ‘By 9am – tweet, check emails, decide on blog topic; By midday – start on blog post’ or something along those lines? Good luck hon! xx

    • Hi Charlie,
      Thanks for reading & leaving a comment too! Congratulations again on your baby news! I’ve always been organised prior to baby but babies are so unpredictable although we have got baby lvt into a routine now so it helps!! Thing is, every day – I aim for us to do something out of the house so that she gets to interact with other babies & people…even if we just go for a walk & stop off for coffee…even when I am home – as she is 21 weeks now…she needs entertaining so feel guilty for being on the laptop {like I am now…eek!} so I have to try do it when she is napping or on an evening but when it gets to evening, sometimes I just want to relax & spend some time with my hubby….!

      Thanks for your advice…think I need to try and work through my to do list each day and see what I can achieve…. šŸ™‚ thanks so much for the luck!!! Look forward to hearing more about your little baby too! šŸ™‚ xx

  3. Emma Lester says:

    I was a lawyer before I had my little girl (who is now 19 months old and into everything!!!) I always had a hankering to work for myself and that really came to the fore when I was on maternity leave – I didn’t want to say goodbye to my baby at 8am and not see her again until 7pm. Towards the end of my mat leave I set up Look Darling and hoped it would take off, meanwhile returning to work part time (4 very long, hard days a week – not massively ‘part time’ if you ask me!!!)

    After six months I just had a major lightbulb moment and decided I had to focus on what was important – my daughter and my business. I now work at home 3 days a week (whilst she is in childcare – very important for getting stuff done I think, especially once they’re on the move and sleep less in the day). I really feel that I have a balance now. I wouldn’t ever want to be a full time mum (its’ waaaaaay to much like hard work!) and I love working, but working for someone else didn’t give me enough flexibility. I am much happier being able to work after my daughter is in bed, or at weekends when my husband is home. I do think having some childcare is a huge help as it gives me opportunity to make calls, go to the bank, get the housework done etc. It’s a stretch to afford it now that I don’t have a fixed income, but it’s worth it for me to feel that I am giving as much attention to my business as I feel it needs.

    Gosh, what a long waffle! Anyway, the first year after you have a baby is HARD. Once they are eating solids and you can just throw their meal in front of them and let them eat themselves, and they sleep through the night it gets so much easier. I had a crash c-section with general anaesthetic and a traumatic birth takes time to recover from physically, don’t try to do too much. Take a break whenever you can, and accept all offers of help – especially offers of help with the housework!!!

    • Hi Emma
      Thanks so much for your comment & your advice! I am glad you have achieved what I am striving for!! I am currently on maternity now and when I go back – I will be requesting to work 4 days too as I really don’t want to leave my girl in childcare for the whole week either…we aim to hopefully have her in childcare for only two days (as my hubby is going to have a day off during the week & my MIL is also going to look after her too for one day!). Yes, once business takes off then will make sure that I do have a couple of days of where I can concentrate on getting work done.

      It’s hard to rest as always want to get things done when she is napping…haha… but definitely need more rest!! šŸ™‚ xx

  4. Katherine says:

    It’s not easy but the end result can be very statisfying. I have been working full time in a florist shop whilst building up my own business on the side, plenty of late nights and every day off spent working on your own business means a serious lack of personal life…So as of the 1st of Jan I took the plunge, no more turning down brides because I was working and couldn’t get holiday, it’s now yes to everything! Fully self employed and very excited (also quite scared but we keep moving on from that one). It will still be hard work and I’m sure there will still be late nights but hopefully it will all be worth it.
    Keep going, it will be worth it, lots of lists to help balance and prioritise!
    Good luck and I look forward to seeing how you get on x

    • Thanks Katherine for your comment. Yes will keep going, I do love lists and I have a few of them on the go! Haha! Fingers crossed that I can achieve being fully self employed like yourself too! It will definitely be all worth it! šŸ™‚ x

  5. Hi LVT
    I love your blog and your business idea! I have just started out in the business world after being in full time corporate employment for ten years. One year after going back from maternity leave and I’d had enough so followed my dream and have set up a paint your own pottery studio in saltaire. You may know this – I think you follow me on twitter?! Anyway, it’s tough, but so rewarding. I have been the quietest I have been on the pottery painting scene since I opened last week, which is soul destorying – you hope when you have your base and are doing it full time that it will get busier, not completely stop! I am worried about bills and having to work all the hours in the week at my little boys expense. But I know it will be worth it and I keep on holding onto that. I try and do as much as I can once Max has gone to bed so I can leave the studio at 5 to spend the early evening with him. On a saturday when I now have to work from 10 am I make sure I’m up with him at 7 and we just play and the computer is not allowed to be on and the phone is not allowed to be answered. On my day off with him on Mondays – when everything else in Saltaire seems to be shut so I decided to shut too – there is the no computer rule too (broken yesterday, but I am working on it) and a no jobs rule (again broken yesterday but it was my first week and it’s hard to break the habit of doing everything on your day off but I now know my day off should be to spend time with Max, not go to the bank/post office/asda etc.. ) Ultimately family time is about quality not quantity. Your little one will love you no matter how much time you spend with her, but an afternoon at the zoo with her after a morning’s work will be more memorable to her than spending a full weekend with her but not actually doing that much.
    I also have experience of the working full time (well 4 days a week) in an extremely stressful job and running the pottery painting as a mobile business part time as this is what I was doing between September and December last year. I couldn’t handle it. That’s not to say it can’t be done but I just think you need to be ultra organised and accept that not everything will be done in one day.
    Anyway, I hope you succeed. I think any business that focuses on vintage and/or craft in this day and age is a winner and I am sure you will be just fine. I am now going to look into supermarket deliveries so I never have to set foot in a supermarket ever again and in the hope that this will be one less thing for me to do in a week!

    • Hi Kate, Thanks so much for your comment too! Ooh, saltaire – might have to pop in when my little girl is older! šŸ™‚ I am planning to work 4 days hopefully and get this moving along so I can just work fully self employed too then and leave my day job! I am hoping it will work out. Thanks for the luck!! šŸ™‚ Hope it all works out for you too! x

  6. Hello LVT,

    Gosh your blog pulls at my heart strings, it’s great to see so much good advice coming your way, and it shows so much strength of character to actually ask for it – I can tell you are going to be a success. I already love your blog. The engagement shoot piece is so pretty!

    I have now been running Little Fish Events for ten years after taking the plunge and leaving a Senior Event Management role at the Nottingham Area, to follow my dreams of finding a job where I could be more creative. I knew I wanted to have children and having seen other mothers torn when they sent 6 week old babies to nursery, while they went back to the office, I knew that wouldn’t work for me.

    You may not want to hear this, but the last six years have been by far the toughest of my life. I have three children now, Zac is 6, Daisy almost 5 and Noah (our surprise!) is coming up to three. Zac was born three weeks early, and with one last order to complete, I made invites on my knee when he was two days old with him laying next to me (you just can’t let brides down!) I knew from that day that life was going to be a juggle. I was constantly trying to balance being a good Mummy with being a proactive business woman… and the two don’t sit comfortably together – there are only 24 hours in a day.

    If I could give you any advice, it would be to get into a good routine. Organise some childcare when you are ready, as it won’t break the bank and you can have a good section of the day knowing your baby is loved and entertained while you get on with building the business. I started with just one school day a week (9-3). I also found it great to work while my children slept, or as they got older ‘had down time.’ Children love routine, so if your little one is playful in the morning, then organise play dates, go to the park, meet other Mums for some sanity and enjoy being a Mummy for that time. Your baby will then sleep better in the afternoon and you can grab some time on the PC, guilt free. I also work lots of evenings. Generally now I start at 8pm and work through until midnight, and when its busy, its often 2am. Then Noah gets up at 6am and we start again! It’s been so hard (surviving on 4-6 hours sleep), but generally speaking I have accepted that the last six years have been about keeping the business ‘ticking over’, creating a great portfolio and having everything in place to that when Noah starts school in a few years, I am all systems go. I will then think about the summer holidays and how that will work then…. eek!!

    I have so many little hints and tips that would perhaps be really useful, but I have waffled too long and I have (as you can imagine) a pile of work to do (year end accounts as well… ugh!) My last tip would be not to spend hours on the internet and work yourself into a state on Facebook, Twitter and Blogs thinking that your competitors are all so successful, and busy, and working with great clients, and making a fabulously successful business. If they were that busy, they would be getting on with it and not telling the world about how busy they are. You can’t get the time back with your baby and she will grown up so fast, so enjoy every minute with her and try not to ruin the time you have feeling guilty about the time you have been apart. At the moment she is happy you are just in the room with her.

    Sincerely wishing you all the very best of luck. With love, Hannah from Little Fish Events x

    PS… I am now 25 minutes behind schedule… pesky to do lists!!

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