Vintage Bridal Shoot by Sarah Janes Photography


Hope you are all well! I am feeling quite happy as the sun is shining which makes me smile! 🙂

My last post featuring Sarah from Tiny Gems got so many views that it broke my Love Vintage Tea viewing stats record which is fabulous and made me a happy lady! 🙂

Everyone seemed to really enjoy the photos especially the ones from Sarah Janes Photography shoot so I have a little treat for you…as a part 2, I have photos from the Vintage Bridal Shoot that Sarah Janes Photography organised which also featured Sarah from Tiny Gems’ Heirloom Bouquets that Sarah Janes Photography has kindly allowed me to feature and they are oh so beautiful! 🙂

Here is a little background in her own words on how Sarah from Sarah Janes Photography came up with the idea of her Vintage Bridal Shoot…

One of the many loves in my life….apart from my family….is anything vintage…and I especially love the 1940s-1950’s look!


I wish we all still dressed like that…top hats and pocket watches *sigh*…films such as “some like it hot” and the godfather {i know it was made in the 70’s…but look at those clothes!!} have been a great influence.

I also love art and fashion. And so with my love for natural photography I am somehow picking my way through a fusion of art with natural photography…I know!!! You could not get much further apart on the style spectrum…but I hope I am getting there!

I love the details in art…the way a lady holds her hands, the lighting, a story….but there is this universal love that we all seem to have of capturing a moment, we all love how we look when captured naturally…but great posing is essential to make you look your very best.

So with the help of Mandy… a fantastic Makeup artist {and every brides dream!!} A beautiful model, my wonderful assistant Anna, Of course Sarah from tiny gems with her stunning heritage bouquet and the stunning backdrop of Llyndir hall near Chester….oh and my wedding dress…I wanted to play with light, create these natural looking images..but with posing strong enough to give a statement.

These are the kind of images I wish to give my brides. Their own piece of art ♥

Love Vintage Tea adores these pictures and I am sure you will agree with me that they are pieces of art….here is the rest of Sarah Janes Photography….Enjoy! 🙂

Lots of Love Vintage Tea Love xoxo

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15 Responses to Vintage Bridal Shoot by Sarah Janes Photography

  1. Tiny-Gems says:

    Fantastic pictures Sarah Jane is achieving her art and nature mix that she is after… amazing :o)

  2. Sarah Sadler says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these images!! Could not have happened without Sarah & her amazing bouquet, Mandy MUA, the beautiful Zanni and my assistant Anna…and of course Llyndir hall near Chester…a really beautiful hotel 🙂 xx

  3. Kris says:

    These are a stunning set of images, great work.

  4. Hello!

    Thanks all for stopping by and a BIG thanks to Sarah Janes Photography for allowing me to feature her beautiful work!! 🙂

    Lots of Love Vintage Tea Love xx

  5. These are crazy-amazing! The processing is uber-beautiful, and the whole set up is just…wow! Where were these taken? I want that ginormous chair for my garden! X

  6. OOOOOOOH !!!! I never cease to love to look at these beautiful images ! they still manage to take my breath away and make me teary eyed ❤
    We had such a lovely, lovely creative time and Sarah managed to capture the whole story perfectly as she always does for her Brides romantic special day ❤
    CONGRATULAIONS for the publication !
    Lovya Sarah ❤ ❤

  7. Hi Joanne – the shoot was taken at Llyndir hall near Chester! I want the large chair too! 🙂 xx

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  9. loulabellewb says:

    Just having a lovely little browse and found this post… Oooooh la la its stunning xx

  10. Ooooh la la indeedy! Love the photography and THAT dress is amazing….where is it from/who ius it designed by (please tell! hehe)….? 🙂 x

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