Vintage Accessories & Heirloom Bouquets by Tiny Gems

Hello my dears…

How are you all on this Sunday? I am hoping Spring is going to be around the corner soon as I am getting abit fed up with all this cold weather…want to wear my pretty dresses and little ballerina shoes rather than lots of layers and winter boots! 🙂

Anyway enough about me, I have not done a Love Vintage Sunday Delight for a while…and I have a lovely feature on a lovely lady called Sarah from Tiny Gems. She has kindly offered to write me a little blog post on Tiny Gems and what she does on a day to day basis and some gorgeous photos of her beautiful vintage accessories and her new heirloom bouquets!

Here is Sarah in her own words:

My name is Sarah Marks and I started Tiny-Gems when I was made redundant. I had the its now or never moment that I’m sure we all have at some time in our lives. I went with the its now option and I’m so glad I did. I love what I do and I get to meet so many amazingly talented and like minded people. 

I hand make jewellery, tiaras and have recently added the extremely popular Heirloom Bouquets to this, I could never have dreamed that they would be so well received and I get such lovely comments and feedback about them.

Love Vintage Tea ~ how beautiful is this vintage heirloom bouquet?

The highlight of my year so far is being contacted by Sarah Janes Photography from asking to use one of my heirloom bouquets in a photo shoot! I was literally blown away and to say I felt like a rock star for the day who knows how the bouquet felt with all that attention!

I have always been inspired by vintage looks as anyone who has seen my welsh dresser full of vintage sups and saucers just like my Grandmas was. It makes me enjoy my work even more being able to use vintage pieces to create jewellery. My style icon is the ever classic and utterly gorgeous Audrey Hepburn, and my Grandma who was a very classy and strong lady with an amazing sense of style.


My favourite era does tend to vary however I have always had a soft spot for art deco with its clean lines and elegance. Although it would have been fabulous living in those times with the fabulous clothes etc I can’t imagine how it would have been without the internet and mobile phones and all the technology we take for granted now.

A normal day at Tiny-Gems starts with me logging on and my laptop stays on all day generally until past midnight. I love tweeting as anyone who follows me will know its like having my own source of office gossip at my finger tips it really is brilliant and I am really proud that Tiny-Gems is number one on the top 100 UK wedding tweeters list, an achievement that was my proudest moment last year.

What I love best about Tiny-Gems is that every day is so very different and I can’t wait to see what the rest of 2011 has in store if January is anything to go by its going to be a very exciting year.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know Sarah from Tiny Gems and if you want to see more of her beautiful work then head over to website here.

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!

Lots of Love Vintage Tea Love xoxo

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12 Responses to Vintage Accessories & Heirloom Bouquets by Tiny Gems

  1. Tracy Muir says:

    Wow – such beautiful pieces – I absolutely love the heirloom bouquets. Thanks for sharing this Love Vintage Tea x

  2. Sarah Sadler says:

    Sarah’s heirloom bouquets were just perfect from our vintage bridal photo shoot!! Thank you Sarah For being a part of it and sharing your beautiful bouquets….i just simply adore them ♥♥

  3. Hi Tracy – thanks for stopping by Love Vintage Tea! They are stunning arent they? I am so pleased that Sarah allowed me to feature her beautiful work.

    Hi Sarah, thanks for allowing me to share your beautiful pictures of from your vintage bridal shoot – they are stunning! 🙂


  4. Tiny-Gems says:

    Thank you so much for featuring me on your amazing blog, the pictures look fantastic :o)

  5. Hi Sarah,

    Thank you for letting me feature your beautiful work on the blog!! All your work is beautiful especially the heirloom bouquets! 🙂

  6. Sarah says:

    Oooooh, shiny! So pretty.

  7. Zoe says:

    I adore Sarah’s Heirloom Bouquets, truly original and beautiful. And she really is gem!

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