Shoes, Beautiful Shoes ~ Vintage Shoes by Harriet Wilde


Sorry I have been quiet over the blogging front this weekend…been busy spending time with my husband…we recently celebrated our 6 month anniversary already…its mad how quickly time flies when you are having fun! 🙂

So I missed my weekly Sunday Delight…oops…however, I have this gorgeous post which I hope makes up for it..its beautiful shoes….what girl can say no to beautiful shoes? If you are like me, I have shoes for all occasions so when I saw these beautiful shoes by Harriet Wilde – I just had to share……(apologies in advance for the large pictures but didn’t want to resize them too much as it loses the detail of the shoes!!!)….

How gorgeous are these shoes?

A little background on Harriet Wilde…

Harriet Wilde is a British independent footwear label, established in 2008.

When Harriet was looking for shoes for her own wedding she found the task of buying shoes from “the wedding world” quite daunting – and even depressing. Having always bought designer or unique and mainly vintage finds she was suddenly faced with the idea that she would have to compromise her style. Why can’t wedding shoes be beautiful and stylish? Harriet thinks they should be so she set about establishing a luxury contemporary brand of shoes, with a vintage feel that would not make any compromise on style.

The philosophy: Unique vintage inspired footwear, stylishly designed in London, made to the highest quality by shoemakers in Europe, backlash to mass production and the image that weddings have to be fluffy and not stylish with a contemporary edge

Harriet Wilde also launches new collection at The Harrods Shoe Boudoir

December 2010 saw the launch of an Exclusive Collection of Bridal Footwear and luxury slippers for Harrods.

Proudly selected as the first ever Bridal Shoe brand to feature in The Harrods Shoe Boudoir, Harriet Wilde has created a beautiful range of Shoes and exclusive luxury Slippers, all made to order with a Bespoke service. This breathtaking selection comprises of 5 silk satin shoes on a range of heel heights and 2 slipper styles.

The Bespoke Service offers clients:

A selection of exclusive decorative shoe clips using the finest Swarovski jewellery and hand crafted flowers in silk, tulle and leather.

Custom Swarovski’s service of the heel and platform to any required shade.

Dyed to order service, the satin shoes can be colour matched to any gown.

The exclusive Slippers can be ordered in a selection of colours of satins and velvets. 

The shoes and slippers are skilfully hand finished in 10 weeks and can be delivered in a personalized shoe bag. 

Discover Harriet Wilde for Harrods at the 2nd Floor Shoe Boudoir.


How gorgeous are these shoes? Head over to Harriet Wilde to see their wonderful collection of shoes….its definitely a Love Vintage Tea Favourite.

Lots of Love Vintage Tea Love. xoxo

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  2. Love love love all of these shoes! Xxx

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