An insight into planning a vintage-inspired wedding…Part 3!!!

Hello all,

Thank you for stopping by Love Vintage Tea again. All the love is appreciated.

So here is the final part to the gorgeous Louise’s planning of her own vintage-inspired wedding for my Love Vintage Tea Sunday Delight – I really hope she lets me share her beautiful wedding pictures as I can imagine it will be soooo pretty! (Hint, Hint…hehe!) 🙂 You can also see all of Louise’s own planning on her own personal blog Met My Match.

So enough of my little ramblings…I will let Louise conclude the final plans of her gorgeous vintage inspired wedding….

With regards to food, neither of us are fans of roast chicken on a hot sunny day, but we do love tea, cakes and scones, so our wedding breakfast had to be an Afternoon Tea!

And you can’t possibly eat a decadent selection of homemade cakes off of plain old white crockery, so we set about buying an array of china tea sets.

Love Vintage Tea ~ This is Louise’s fiance trying the decadent scones to make sure they were for tasty enough for the wedding!

I actually got off very lightly in this area as my mum, auntie, mother-in-law-to-be and team of friends searched high and low for retro pieces that were wedding worthy. This seemed like such a good idea in the beginning but if I am entirely honest this has proved to be a long and costly exercise… I realise now that we have collected 130 settings. In hindsight it would have been better (and less stressful) to have hired all of the china from a professional company… You live and learn.

Love Vintage Tea ~ Or you could just hire from me? 🙂

We shall be washing down our locally sourced fare with Kent Ales and Plymouth Gin as well as organic English soft drinks from the Belvoir Fruit Farm.

We are hiring a little wooden bar to hold the liquid refreshment, which we are going to place under a “beer tent” that I am going to fashion with my mum and her needle-happy friend Eileen.

 For the evening meal we’ve hired a Fish and Chip van, aptly named “The Frying Squad”, to serve up a fishy supper after our band, The Abba Girls, have performed for an hour. Now we know that Abba isn’t exactly vintage-esque, but we just love them, and our wedding theme has evolved to be a montage of retro ideas from a number of eras.


The simple elegance of the 1950’s was my initial big day inspiration, which is reflected in my bargainous wedding dress, the Aurora by Chanticleer.

Love Vintage Tea ~ What a beautiful dress!!

After falling in love with the dress my friend Laura googled the ankle length lovely and found a second hand gown for sale up north… Thank you fate!

I’ve opted for a rainbow of bridesmaids in pink, yellow and lilac tulle (my favourite vintage looking fabric) with a simple ribbon in a matching hue accenting their waists. Their threads are going to be made by the fantastic, Louise O’Mahoney, who I found on Etsy (a site that I am now totally addicted to).

 In-keeping with the less is more theme on the togs front, Garry will be donning a simple black one button suit and a plain blue tie. Top hat and tails just wouldn’t look right at our do and I know that Garry wouldn’t be at all comfy… I think I will be lucky if his tie stays on past his speech!

I can’t wait to put all our DIY details together, although I’m sure I will be a complete stress ball the day before the wedding when I’m up to my elbows in soap-sudsy tea sets and reams of fabric… Thank goodness for my team of trusty helpers (particularly my mum)!

The planning has been rather time-intense but I am loving our crafty journey. Browsing inspirational blogs (like Love Vintage Tea) and blogging my ideas away has become second nature… I can’t wait to get stuck into finishing off our homemade invitations and signs over the festive break.

I’m still not entirely sure if a DIY wedding is clever or stupid, who can say? Either way I’m confident that we are having our day, our way! 

Happy planning to you all…

Thank you to Louise for sharing her plans for her gorgeous vintage inspired wedding – I have enjoyed reading and sharing her details on my little blog and I hope you have enjoyed all the details too!

Lots of Love Vintage Tea Love xoxo

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6 Responses to An insight into planning a vintage-inspired wedding…Part 3!!!

  1. Loulabelle says:

    Helloooooo! Thanks again for the feature, it looks lovely and I hope you readers enjoy it.

    Did you fancy writing something about your Vintage China business for Met My Match, your company is right up my street :o) xxx

  2. sarah says:

    Wowzers Louise – your dress is stunning! Sounds like it’s going to be one gorgeous day…and now I’m craving a cream tea…xx

  3. Hi Louise,
    Thanks so much for allowing me to feature your beautiful details to your upcoming wedding!!! I’m sure my readers will have enjoyed it! 🙂
    Oh yes, will do post…will email you. xx

  4. Hi Sarah,
    Thanks for stopping by Love Vintage Tea.
    I agree that Louise’s dress is beautiful!!! I also wanted cream tea so badly after seeing the pics! 🙂 xx

  5. loulabellewb says:

    Helloooo lovely ladies, hooorah it’s Friday! Ah thanks for the lovely comments on my dress, I love it so much and it makes the most fantastic swishing noise as I walk.

    I would be over the moon to have my actual wedding piccies on here Sam :o)

    Mmmmm I could do with a big fat cream tea today, I have a salad nestled away in the work fridge which isn’t very appealing at the mo. Have a fab wkend both of you xxx

  6. Hello again Louise!
    Your dress is stunning – I would be soooooo honoured if I could feature your beautiful wedding….ekk…very excited now!!! 🙂

    Mmm…cream tea would be amazing – along with a nice cuppa…yummy…might have to make a trip to the bakery’s this weekend….
    Yes salad doesnt sound too appealing especially in this cold weather…hehe..

    Have a fab weekend yourself hun xx

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