An insight into planning a vintage-inspired wedding…Part 2!


Hope you have enjoyed the festivities over the Christmas period and hope Santa bought you all everything you wished for! 🙂

Sorry that my Love Vintage Tea Sunday Delight is late and I am posting it today instead as a Monday Treat as had my family round yesterday for our 2nd Christmas day so lots of food and drink was consumed…! 🙂

Anyway, getting back to this week’s Sunday Delight or Monday Treat – please find below the second part to one of my readers, Louise’s own plans into planning her own vintage inspired wedding!

Here is Louise’s plans for her wedding reception..

I love our Village Hall, it is my perfect venue; a budget friendly blank canvas that is free from bad carpet and dodgy wall pictures (which haunt so many of our local generic function rooms). I don’t think that any of our guests have been to a Village Hall Reception before (we certainly haven’t) and despite some people initially turning their noses up, as it’s not a Manor House or Castle, I adore the fact that it gives us so much freedom with our plans and allows us to get creative.


We’ve been able to choose our own caterer, buy our own booze and go crazy with the decorations! I’ve order up-lighters for the interior walls and pea festoon lights for the outside, which I hope will create a soft warm glow for our evening guests. And of course we have bunting-a-plenty as well as jam jars galore for flowers and candles. I am going to cover our tables in single white sheets from Primark, with gingham squares dotted up and down the trestle lines to add a splash of colour.

I’m also going to use pastel coloured ribbons to tie the serviettes and adorn the larger flower holding jars. DIY tissue paper pom pom trees, sent flat packed from Sienna Grace Designs which will hopefully stand proud at the doors to both the Church and Reception, and look gorgeous instead of huge expensive floral displays.


Three long tables will dominate the reception named Devon (after Garry’s home county), Surrey (after mine) and Sussex (the county in which Garry popped the question). The top table will be called Kent, as this is where we have settled together and built our little life. All of the tables will be accessorised by wooden chairs which I absolutely love; they add a certain village fete feel to the whole affair.

 I am going to scatter little tea quotes along the tables for people to read and I am going to make larger quote boards featuring funny sayings and song lyrics for people to pose with in our DIY Photo Booth area (which will basically be a suspended sheet strategically placed with some fancy dress items we have been collecting).


It’s out with favours and helloooo sweetie table complete with silver scoops and stripy bags for people to take away. I’m also hoping to secure a Face Painter for the children (and possibly some of the adults) and I’m going to create little activity bags to keep the wee revellers happy during the speeches (one of the more formal traditions that we wanted to keep, but we are going to keep them brief, bright and breezy). 

On a more personal note we are going to peg pictures of us and our friends to ribbons around the hall and I am going to write each of our guests a little note which will act as a place card.

So that is it for part 2 of this gorgeous vintage inspired wedding…all of Louise’s touches are soo personal and so well thought through…its fabulous!

Have a wonderful day and please do come back for Part 3 next week!

Lots of Love Vintage Tea Love. xoxo

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