An insight into the planning of a vintage-inspired wedding…Part 1


Hope you are all feeling fabulous today and enjoyed your weekend!

As I did not manage to do a Sunday Delight for Love Vintage Tea last weekend due to illness, I have a gorgeous three part Sunday Delight for you….the first part will be today despite it being a Monday as I missed it yesterday due to busy preparing for the Christmas festivities and the other parts to follow over the next couple of Sunday’s….it will be worth it! 🙂

I am going to introduce you to one of my lovely readers (who I met on twitter through Love Vintage Tea) who has so kindly written me a post about planning her own vintage – inspired wedding….as soon as I finished reading her post – I was wanting to see her actual real wedding photos as I know they will be amazing!!! 🙂

Her name is Louise…and she has her own little blog where she documents her journey from single girl to married lady – in her own words: “our diy day, in our retro way” – see her lovely blog, Met My Match here.

So this is an insight from Louise in planning her own special day…

I heart “Love Vintage Tea” for many reasons, but mainly because I love vintage and I love tea (well who doesn’t) and I was so excited when the lovely author of this retro-tastic blog asked me to write a little bit about my vintage inspired wedding.

In just over six months I will be taking to the aisle of our local church after (what will be) two years of planning… I really can’t believe how quickly our engagement has gone. It only seems like yesterday that we were sat on the balcony of our hotel room in Bognor Regis watching the sun set on the sea whilst sipping champers, excitedly chatting about what kind of wedding we wanted to plan.

I knew from the moment that the ring went on my finger that I wanted to create a day that was relaxed, fun and retro. Every wedding is unique and beautiful in its own right but I have to admit that is my mission to make our wedding individual, more laid-back and free from the stuffier formalities.

Lots of our friends have travelled far and wide each Sunday to secure picture-perfect country churches; never to return once they’re vows were done and dusted. Obviously we wanted our wedding venue to be gorgeous but we also wanted it to be personal to us, so we chose the Church around the corner from our little suburban cottage. We can see the steeple from our front door and we drive past it every other day, plus as we live in the parish we’ve kept the clergy paperwork to a minimum… Perfect!


Due to the locality of our vows we’ve also saved some pennies on transport as my mum and maidens will be walking round the corner with a photographer in tow. I shall be driven to the Church by my dad in my 1965 Volkswagen Beetle, which we are going to decorate with silk flowers and white ribbon… I’m so chuffed that my faithful old jalopy is going to make such a grand entrance on the day.

As a surprise I’ve arranged for Garry and his Best Man, who are both Police Officers, to be collected by Charlie One, a vintage Police Jaguar from the 1960’s which was actually used to arrest one of the Kray Brothers! We stumbled across it one day at a local Classic Car Show and I had a job to drag Garry away. I think that it is my pièce de résistance on the transport front and I hope that it will make Garry’s day, along with marrying me of course!

After the “I do” we will be hopping on a vintage Routemaster, along with 70 of our guests and our photographer, en route to our Village Hall Reception…

Right…that is it for part 1…hope you liked it and its making you want to come back for Part 2 next week right here at Love Vintage Tea.

Lots of Love Vintage Tea Love xoxo

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