An update on contact details…

Hello all, how is everyone?

So its been a very long time since I last posted… A lot has changed…I finished maternity leave and went back to the day job so having to juggle that plus family life…something had to give unfortunately … boo! I have still been doing a bit of LVT on the side and definitely building the collection one cup at a time…plus I supplied vintage china for my friends wedding so got some photos to share with you on that! 🙂

Anyway, a quick post to let you know that I have changed email address so if you need to get in contact with me – please email or you can tweet me at the usual @lovevintagetea and I will get back to you as soon as I can!!

Lots of Love Vintage Tea Love xoxo

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Create the perfect vintage atmosphere with The Vintage Singer!


How are you? Hope this post finds you well! 🙂

I know its been a little while since I last posted but I have been a little busy bee going out to little vintage and charity shops for some gorgeous little finds to add to my collection for Love Vintage Tea…I am building my collection up slowly and cup by cup in the last week or so! 🙂

Anyway back to today’s post – to continue the vintage or vintage inspired theme for your wedding, vintage tea party or just special event ~ what about creating a vintage atmosphere  with The Vintage Singer, Madeleine Cooke?

This all live vintage entertainment is the perfect way to enhance the mood with the style and glamour of yesteryear. They are able to tailor to suit your occasion  and nothing compares to the charm and sophistication of a talented pianist matched with elegant vocals.

From gentle background music to foot tapping swing, this genuine vintage performance has broad appeal in its timeless nature.

Madeleine is vintage obsessed and in love with the music and fashion of 1920’s 30’, 40’s and 50’s.

When she got married last summer, and was looking for entertainment for her own wedding, she noticed there was a gap in the market for the sort of music she loves.

Also, it was so hard to find a singer with live accompaniment rather than karaoke style backing tracks that can often be poor quality. In response to this need, Madeleine and Nicholas who is the pianist began their new business ‘The Vintage Singer’ in May 2011.

Madeleine trained as an actress and singer at the Academy of Live and Recorded Art in London, graduating in 2008. Since leaving drama school she has performed extensively around the country in  musical productions and theatre shows including ‘La Boheme’ in London and a tour of various musical versions of Charles Dickens’ stories whilst Nicholas also trained at the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts where he and Madeleine met. He works as both an actor and musician and has performed in theatres throughout the country.

The Vintage Singer will certainly add a touch of vintage to your wedding entertainment ~ they are certainly a Love Vintage Tea Favourite so to get in touch with Madeleine and Nicholas then head over to their website here to see how you can add that little bit of timeless elegance to your own event and if you are needing to hire china then don’t forget to get in touch with me at Love Vintage Tea!!

Thanks for reading and hope you have the most fabulous day!

Lots of Love Vintage Tea Love xoxo

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Stunning unique vintage inspired wedding accessories by Britten

Hello, how are you today? 🙂

Today’s pretty post is about a gorgeous little supplier called Britten who I came across on twitter after she followed me! She has some gorgeous pieces which you may want for your own wedding…including this stunning feather fan which is what originally caught my attention….how beautiful is it?

So here is a little bit about Sarah who owns Britten and makes all the stunning accessories…

I have been designing accessories since I was little. After studying accessory design at London College of Fashion I set up my own business focusing on handmade bags and accessories.

My husband and I got married last November and our theme was 1920s. The best bit of the planning was getting to design and make my accessories! I designed peacock feather fans, feather buttonholes, matching hair accessories and cake decorations. I loved doing it and had so many lovely comments that I decided to add a wedding accessory range to my online boutique.

LVT ~ how stunning is this fan?

My focus is now on creating unique and vintage inspired wedding accessories.

I’m working on a lot of new goodies to add to my wedding collection in the New Year.

Here is a few more pieces from Britten….

If you want to see more of Sarah’s stunning work then head over to her website here ~ she is definitely a Love Vintage Tea favourite! 🙂

Hope this post has provided you with lots of prettiness!

Lots of Love Vintage Tea Love xoxo

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A delightful vintage engagement shoot with tea and cake!


Happy Wednesday to you all! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by again as it always makes me smile! 🙂

Hope 2012 has been treating you well.

Today, I have a gorgeous little engagement shoot by the very friendly Scott and Amedea from Foley Photography ~ this engagement shoot has a vintage twist which I love and it also involves tea and cake, how much better can it get?

Here is a little bit from the bride and groom to be:

You could call our relationship ‘vintage’! 🙂 We’ve known each other since Primary School and, after losing touch for 15 years, were reunited just under 3 years ago through the magic that is Facebook. When I was 7 I had a major crush on my now Fiance, and told my Mum ‘That’s the boy I’m going to marry!’..Simon now likes to quote I’m only marrying him so I can prove I’m always right!!

As soon as we got together, we knew ‘this is it’, we really feel like soulmates. After a fairly grotty year where I had a major operation following the discovery of a benign tumour, and Simon was made redundant, we travelled to New York for Christmas where Simon went down on one knee. It was a really magical proposal and we’ve been thrilled ever since to organise the wedding. 

Vintage style is something we both subtly aspire to, as we love a modern, British, classic look – and often with a modern twist. For me, I love ladylike glamour, have a wardrobe bursting with dresses and am known for my love of pearls! For Simon, it’s all about tailoring and the odd flat cap! 

As you can see from the gorgeous pictures taken by Foley Photography  – they have achieved the vintage style that they were wanting, I have a feeling that their wedding will be just as gorgeous with all the little touches…in the meantime, here is some more photos of their delightful vintage engagement shoot!

If you loved this shoot so much then you need to speak to Scott from Foley Photography for your own engagement/wedding shoot as their style is just oh so fabulous – they want to create timeless images for your engagement shoot and wedding that you are able to treasure forever and by the way, they LOVE vintage…

Lots of Love Vintage Tea Love xoxo

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Balancing everything…

Hello lovelies…

Happy New Year – hope 2012 brings lots of love and happiness and all your dreams come true! 🙂 Hope you had a fabulous time celebrating the new year!

Well, I was quite sad to see the end of 2011 as it has been a pretty amazing year as I gave birth to my gorgeous little girl {who is growing up so quickly!}….and being a mother – it has really made me appreciate my time with her so as I have previously mentioned in another post – I really want to get Love Vintage Tea set up so I can eventually work for myself…!

As I try to blog/tweet when I can…I can honestly say that being a mummy is a full time job so I really admire all those working mothers out there with their own businesses who are able to work and look after their children!

It’s a catch 22 as I obviously need to tweet/blog to get my little business noticed in this very big wedding world but then I don’t feel I can devote all my time to LVT without it being at the expense of my little baby girl…! Eek…can you now see my dilemma? I really am trying to balance everything of setting up LVT as well as looking after my little family…not sure how I will manage it all when I have to go back to my full time job…eek…!

So to all the fabulous working mummy’s out there ~ what made you take the leap to go out on your own? How do you balance everything?

Also this is to everyone who is working a full time job as well as trying to set up a business on the side? How do you balance everything?

Let me know your thoughts & advice.

Lots of Love Vintage Tea Love xx

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Where to find your wedding inspiration ~ featuring Miller Weddings

Hello lovelies,

Hope you are feeling fabulous today! Thanks for stopping by Love Vintage Tea ~ it’s much appreciated!

It has been a while since I blogged so I thought I would share a little guest feature from the lovely Phoebe Miller from Miller Weddings on where she looks for her inspiration for when she plans weddings for her clients and hopefully this will help you know where to look for inspiration for your own wedding!

So here goes…and she shares some of her fabulous mood boards with us too! 🙂

As a planner and blogger I am always looking for inspiration. This usually comes from the most obscure scenarios but there are several havens of beautiful colours and images out there to turn to when collecting ideas for your wedding.  

Pinterest: It’s like crack.

As a bride to be, you must get on pinterest. You must. It should be law. It is full to the brim of wonderful images and hours can be spent looking at everything from puppies in teacups to vintage glamour.


I read 3 blogs when I was planning my own wedding. Love My Dress, Rock My Wedding and Brides Up North. Now I read several. I love reading other peoples takes on current trends. My blog doesn’t just feature wedding related loveliness so I will often read many lifestyle blogs. Current favourites are Florence Finds and Peonies and Polaroids.  


I don’t just mean wedding mags. I mean all magazines, you will see make up, hair, bridesmaids dresses, all laid out in Vogue or Glamour etc. In Ideal Homes you will see table decor, colour schemes, lovely food and pictures of fireplaces. You can never tire of fireplaces.

Real Life

Sounds obvious, but nature is just wonderful. The colours through the seasons, the textures that lay on a woodland floor to the calming tranquil nature of a beach.


It is a well known fact that I watch a lot of (crap) tv. But this really is where I get a lot of the themes for my blog posts. Recently I blogged about 1920s glamour after watching Made In Chelsea and today’s blog post was inspired by the Frozen Planet.

Inspiration is out there, you just need to be looking for it!

Thanks to Phoebe from Miller Weddings for sharing where she gathers her inspiration from and her gorgeous moodboards!

So what are you waiting for? Go and find what inspires you! {or at least I hope the moodboards will inspire you!}

Lots of Love Vintage Tea Love xoxo

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Its been a while…but I am back… :-)

Hello my lovelies…

How are you? As you may have noticed… I have been AWOL from blogging and tweeting for a while…and this is because I took some time out as baby LVT arrived in August…I had a gorgeous little girl…and she is just oh so adorable! 🙂

I truly do love being a mummy…I never realised how rewarding it is…don’t get me wrong…it is hard work…especially at the beginning….It is starting to get a little easier now as she is now 14 weeks old & she has grown so much…she is developing her own little personality and when I got that first smile…all the tiredness melted away! 🙂

Anyway…as I have been off now on maternity leave & spending time with my little girl…it truly made me appreciate how much I love being with her and although I am not back to my full time day job till next year…I really don’t want to go back full time…I would much prefer to be with her so I have decided that I really need to get LVT moving again so that I am able to work for myself….so hopefully I will be able to update you more on my journey in setting up my own little business of Vintage China hire in the North! I have a few plans in the pipeline so hopefully I will be able to share with you soon!

Hope you will continue to share this journey with me and thanks for your continued support!

Lots of Love Vintage Tea Love xoxo

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Button Bridal Bouquet by Cute as a Button

Hello lovelies,

Hope you are all feeling fabulous on this Wednesday! The sun has finally decided to make an appearance…Yay!!! This makes me a happy lady (and little LVT bumpy seems to be having a little jiggle inside too!) 🙂

Thanks so much for stopping by Love Vintage Tea too…

So did you all read Emma’s 1950’s Rockabilly Vintage Wedding plans – there is 3 parts – part 1 here, part 2 here and part 3 here….

If you haven’t read them yet then I think you should as Emma has kindly offered one lucky reader the chance of a medium 80 stem bespoke button bouquet with the choice of your own colours….from her own little business – Cute as a Button who is a Love Vintage Tea Favourite!

You could have something like this in your own colours to match your own wedding theme….

So here is the giveaway details:

  1. Firstly, you need to follow both myself (@lovevintagetea) and Emma (@vintagebride2b) on twitter and also ‘like’ Emma on her facebook page – Cute as a Button
  2. You need to have read all three parts to Emma’s gorgeous 1950’s Rockabilly Vintage Wedding Plans
  3. Answer the following questions:
    1. What date is Emma getting married?
    2. What is Emma using from her Nana in her bridal bouquet?
    3. What is the name of Emma’s little business called?
    4. Where is Emma getting married?
    5. What is Emma having as decoration for her reception & in what colours?

Please send all your name and answers to me on a vintage postcard…hehe…or just email me to and I will pick a reader at random on Sunday….Happy reading!!!! 🙂

Lots of Love Vintage Tea Love xoxo

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1950′s Rockabilly Vintage Wedding…the story of a bride to be’s planning so far…Part 3!

Hello all,

Hope you are well on this Sunday & had a lovely mother’s day if you celebrated with your own mother or with your own children….:) Thanks for stopping by Love Vintage Tea again today…all your love and support is much appreciated! 🙂

So here is the final part to Emma’s 1950’s Rockabilly Vintage Wedding…for my Sunday Delight today! Enjoy!

My engagement ring was my mum’s. Its was made in the style of Princess Diana’s engagement ring (my mum adored it!) However, it an Opal surrounded by diamonds on a gold band. I’ve been in love with this ring ever since I was a little girl so I’m deeply touched that my mum has allowed me to now call it my own.

Love Vintage Tea ~ I heart this ring so much….its oh so beautiful! 🙂

My hair and make up will of course will be the very Dita Von Teese! However my aim is to look like me! I hear about so many brides that grow their hair, change its colour and have it put up nice and then the minute the wedding is over, they cut it, dye it back and looks completely different to how it did on their wedding day. I personally want to look like I do on a daily basis, but a polished up version of course! But I just want to be able to look back a my wedding photos and have no one say “OMG, is that you!”

I suppose the only other details I have left to tell you about is the reception! We will be having a photo booth. We’re going to make a backdrop and some props and make sure everyone has a “Prom” style photo taken on their way in! We just thought it would be nice to have at least one picture of everyone there and we hope that the props will loosen up the people that normally feel a little uncomfortable having their photo taken.

This is my gorgeous venue where we have chosen to have our wedding…Glemham Hall

Decoration wise, after seeing a photo on the internet, we will be buying red, black and white paper lampshades of all different sizes and hanging them from the ceiling at different lengths. Also me and my friend julie are going to make some bunting.

Our centre pieces are going to be edible flowers. A friend I have made through planning my wedding, is a lady called Alison. She makes the most amazing cupcakes and she recently made some cupcake bouquets. We knew we wanted edible flowers but I had know clue how we were going to pull it off! So Alison solved a massive problem and Im glad we will be able to have her work at our wedding.


Love Vintage Tea ~They look so yummy…Here is where you can view more of Alison’s beautiful work ~

There will be a vintage tea party style to our reception and we’re going to throw in some Alice in Wonderland touches, but I’m keeping them to myself! 🙂

I think the reason I love everything vintage, 50’s and rockabilly is, I personally find it so elegant, glamorous and timeless. When I first got into this kind of style it was just the clothes and the hairstyles, but it is slowly taking over my life and our home! In a good way.

How wonderful does Emma’s wedding sound? I can’t wait to see it all come together and see the fab real pictures of the big day!

Emma has also kindly offered as a giveaway to one lucky reader – the chance of a medium 80 stem bespoke button bouquet with the choice of your own colours!! How fab and generous is Emma??

To enter this giveaway – keep your eyes peeled for it this week and make sure you have read all three parts to her wedding plans in order to win this bespoke button bouquet!

Catch up on Part 1 here and Part 2 here

Lots of Love Vintage Tea Love xoxo

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1950′s Rockabilly Vintage Wedding…the story of a bride to be’s planning so far…Part 2!

Hello lovelies,

How are you all today? Thanks for stopping by Love Vintage Tea today…hope you all having a lovely Sunday today! Hope you all remembered to turn your clock an hour forward…! 🙂

Anyway lets get down to the 2nd part of Emma’s 1950’s Rockabilly Vintage Wedding…

Here is the 2nd part to Emma’s plans…

Our Save the Date cards are old vintage postcards that me and my daughter found at fantastic car boot sale in Brighton. I got about 50 postcards of all different era’s for £5. We’ve brought a rubber stamp foam eBay and in the next few weeks we will be stamping them and sending them out.


I will be making mine and the bridesmaids bouquets out of vintage buttons. Friends, family, the bridal party and myself have been collecting buttons. They’ve come from all over! Antique shops, nana’s button tin!

I saw these on the internet and by no means am I claiming the idea as my own. I thought they were beautiful and completely different. I’m not into flowers and thought it gave something traditional a brilliant twist. I’m making them rather than buying them for the simple fact that we are on a tight budget so if I can make it to save money, I will!


Love Vintage Tea ~ How cute are these button bouquets? 🙂

Trying to keep in with the vintage theme, and something that means so much to me, is that my wedding ring was my Nana’s. Sadly she is no longer with us, but I was very close to my Nana and I thought it was the perfect way to have her with us. I’m also using one of her brooches in my bridal bouquet.

Emma has decided to make these button bouquets for other people and you can view all details over on her facebook page if you are interested in having one of these oh so cute button bouquets yourself….

I am planning to also wear my great nana’s pearl set…as another ‘something old’….

The final part to Emma’s plans will be on the blog next Sunday so make sure you come back next week.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend…whatever you do! 🙂

Lots of Love Vintage Tea Love xoxo

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